You Can Make It Happen

Recently, I re-read an old article about Stedman Graham, author of the book, You Can Make It Happen. I was fascinated by his “rules of the road” in guiding his personal life. Those rules apply to virtually everyone in their daily actions as well. Read and reflect upon his rules and strive to examine how the rules might apply in your life.

First, be honest. You have no value to other people if they can’t believe what you say. This is especially true in the business world. Your customer must believe in you and in your counsel.

Second, do the work that is required. What you put into a project or plan or endeavor is reflected in how it turns out. Is this not true? Your thoughts and your aspirations can be bountiful; but, if you do not elect to devote the work energy it takes to make those thoughts and aspirations reality, it becomes a “mind activity” of waste and folly.

Third, maintain a positive attitude. Being positive begins with eliminating the negative. I know you’ve heard this a thousand times, but it is so true! Yet, too often many have so much mental challenge in accepting this simple truth. When you seek to find something good, something that went right in your activities, it stimulates the endorphins of the mind and the creative juices can flow. That is not to say that positive thinking will allow you to do absolutely anything you desire in life; but, it will allow you to do more in your life than negative thinking.

Fourth, take the time to think things through. Those who take the time to think and plan out their lives are the ones who get the greatest benefit out of whatever they are involved in. Here lies the value of a specific, measurable, attainable and workable business plan. The value of putting your direction on paper and committing to it is limitless in its success potential. That is why road maps become valuable assets in travel: they enable people to have before them, all the available pathways to travel for the purpose of reaching their designation.

Finally, look at the big picture. When you operate from this perspective, you offer leadership to those around you. Being a leader attracts greater opportunities to you. It has been said in many ways for many years, you truly must become “stewards” or business CEO’s in every professional endeavor. Your leadership goes much further than simply going to your business locale each day. Your leadership spills directly or indirectly into the community, into your peer groups and also to where you possess that critical edge: your family. You must focus on long-term effects and be open to look to the future and embrace change. This commitment is needed to obtain your goals. Every activity you embrace, whether successful or a learning experience, allows you to place a “piece of the puzzle” on your life board. You must decide if that picture is one to be displayed publicly or hidden in a dark corner away from view and unapproachable.

As you prepare for the challenges of the upcoming weeks and months, utilize these simple “rules of the road” so that you may be able to build your dreams and make your vision a successful journey in your life!


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