Getting “IT” Back

Everyone has an “IT” that has provided the incentive for achievement, energy and enthusiasm. However at times, that “IT” can disappear from your reality. When this occurs, most often you will find difficulty facing your attempts to replace its lost vitality. That is why it is so important to utilize the 4 R’s to enable you to restore the “IT” in your life.

First R: REKINDLE. Life and career are exciting when you are seeing your goals fall in place. This success can often cause you to become somewhat complacent in your endeavors. It comes about because of your mastery of events which have led to your pinnacles of achievement. Discouragement and frustration sets in as complacency kills enthusiasm and supplements itself as a daily norm. If left unchecked, it will destroy a career, a company, an individual and the collective “IT” that enabled success to arrive. Therefore, it is imperative that you stop and access your situation. Afterwards, challenge yourself to think upon the activities which originally brought forth success each time you begin to see complacency gaining a foothold. You must REKINDLE the spirit of achievement and determination so that you uncover the fighting spirit necessary to recapture your “IT.”

Next R:  READJUST. It is so easy to praise your problems versus seeking solutions to them. When you focus on problems, they always seem to grow more complex and larger in status. But when you are able to shift your focus to evaluating potential solutions, you most often find answers that enable you to solve or reduce the problems you face. Diverting to this specific action allows you to fundamentally focus on what truly matters. When you are able to have your primary focus on the key activities that are conducive to accomplishment, clarity of vision and mission surface. As author Grenville Kleiser pointed out, “To every problem there is already a solution, whether you know what it is or not.”

Third R:  RENOUNCE. When you are down and find yourself struggling with a negative mindset, it is easy to become a victim of your circumstance. False assumptions and ill placed fear subconsciously penetrates your mind. You find yourself hearing, “You can’t do this.”  “Nobody cares.” “Why not throw in the towel?” In essence, it is not what happens but what you think is happening that matters. When these events begin to unfold, you need to recognize all these negative thoughts for what they are: False Evidence Appearing Real. Face the reality of your dilemma and don’t allow the negativity to take hold. Realize that you can turn negative experiences or perceived negative experiences into very positive outcomes with a clear focus on the reality of the moment. Never give up hope or give up on you. Be persistent. Push ahead. As the German proverb proclaims, “No one is either rich or poor who has not helped himself to be so.”

Final R:  RETREAT. The normal pressures of the day, the week, the month or even the year can be very demanding. That is why it is so vital to build in quiet time on a regular basis for you to unwind and unload your mental and physical wagons. Step away from the phones, the computer, the mail and the constant barrage of people to rekindle your true you. Even 30 minutes of quiet time during a day will do wonders for your mind and body. Such individuals as Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Thomas Edison and Ronald Reagan were firm believers in daily quiet time and the universal benefit it provided each of them. A clear mind and a rested body help to energize the creative juices that enable you to more succinctly focus on key issues and resolve challenges. As was once said, “Periods of wholesome laziness, after days of energetic effort, will wonderfully tone up the mind and body. It does not involve loss of time, since after a day of complete rest and quietness you will return to your regular occupation with renewed interest and vigor.”

Yes, it is inevitable that at some point your “IT” stands to be overshadowed. The ultimate challenge you will face is whether you respond to its displacement or allow its demise to continue. By properly utilizing the 4 R’s, you can provide a valuable safeguard that will enable you to regain your “IT” and move your life and career forward.


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