A Milky Attitude


Growing up in a rural farming environment,  I can truthfully tell you that COWS DO NOT GIVE MILK!  You must take every drop from them.  Sometimes it is easy and other times it can be one of the most difficult and fustrating jobs that you will ever face.

Cows as a whole are very moody.  Sometimes they will gently lick grain from your hand and other times they will do their best to make your day miserable.  I suppose it boils down to the approach you take.  If you rush your process and attempt to milk without warming your hands especially in cold weather, boy oh boy are you in for a surprise!  However, if you take time, think through your actions and carefully warm your hands, as you talk to the cow and gently pat her side in the process, chances are great you will be successful in your task.

The same process is true in our daily work.  Not only does our attitude determine our success but it also has a chilling affect on how you are viewed by others.  Do you approach each day with enthusiasm and excitement, glad to be alive or do you wake up and curse the fact that it is morning?

We are all born excited.  Take a look at new babies.  Have you ever seen an unenthusiastic baby?  I bet not.  Somewhere along our life pathway, we at times lose that excitement.  The great thing is that we can get it back.  Former baseball great Pete Rose was once asked which goes first on a baseball player, his eyes, legs or his arm?  He responded, “None of these things.  It is when his enthusiasm goes that he is through as a player.”

How you approach a situation is crucial.  You can make difficulties you may be facing boulders of distress or you can make those difficulties stepping stones of grandeur.  It all depends upon your approach and how you choose to see what confronts you.

There is seldom a day goes by that too many people doubt themselves and their abilities in some way.  Each looks upon themselves as being unable to gain even the smallest margin of success.  Past failures or promises of starting anew just as soon as situations change often abound in their intentions. The challenge though seems to remain because situations never truly change for them.  The real secret is to step-over those situations and approach life in a manner that says, “I don’t care how many times it takes, I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!”

Yes, your approach is important.  You need “warm hands” to milk a cow; and, you need a positive “can do” approach to get results.  How do you see yourself?  What approach are you taking? Are you doubting your abilities? Are you challenging whether you are good enough or deserving at all?  Eventually you may get either a wonderful bucket of milk or a challenging bucket of &*#@! It all depends on you!  Your approach and your attitude will clearly determine your path!   Best wishes for a successful journey!



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